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          Aviation maintenance professional student learning wiring.

          航空维修专业 (AMP) is National Aviation Academy’s premier aviation maintenance course. In addition to covering all of the core curriculum to become an Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certified A&P mechanic, students are also taught about the electric and electronic technologies in aviation.

          新一代飞机需要的技术人员谁了解最新的技术。 NAA的AMP项目的目的是教给和地址,这种需求。

          Our 3,000 clock hour AMP program combines 航空维修技术 (2,000 hours) and our 先进的飞机系统 (1,000 hours) program. Students gain an exceptional education through traditional A&P training, with the added avionics edge. Curriculum includes wiring, troubleshooting electrical systems, and advanced diagnostic training.



          National Center for Aerospace & Transportation Technologies (NCATT) is dedicated to the development of nationally recognized standards and certifications identified and recognized by industry professionals. NCATT standards are easily adaptable into any education or training program to qualify aerospace professionals in their designated career field. NCATT certifications demonstrate the knowledge base of the advanced aerospace technician to promote integrity, safety and professionalism in the aerospace workforce. National Aviation Academy was the first school to adopt the ncatt approved curriculum.



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